How to choose corset size?


To date, the variety of corsets is such that the eyes run wide, but very often the fair sex asks the question: “How to choose the right size?”

In order to look not vulgar, but seductive in this original piece of clothing, you need to choose the most suitable corset in terms of parameters. And for this you need to focus not on the size of the clothes, but on the size grid of the seller. We would like to note that our dimensional grid corresponds to GOST.

Taking measurements correctly

With a centimeter, measure the girth of the chest, placing the tape horizontally at the level of the most prominent area.

In the same way, take a measurement from the waist. Usually the waist line runs about 4 cm above the navel. During measurements, do not retract to reduce performance. In this case, the item will be selected incorrectly.

The volume of the hips is measured by placing a centimeter approximately in the middle of the buttocks.

The resulting parameters are compared with our table and choose the appropriate size. If you have any difficulties in determining, you can ask a question on the page of our product, and we will be happy to help you.


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