Leather jacket-leather jacket today is loved and worn not only by bikers. This practical piece of clothing has taken its place among the staples of the fashion wardrobe, somewhere between the oversized coat, bomber jacket and trench coat. The biker jacket will warm you both in spring and on cool summer evenings, and it will also give your look a little brutality.

A bit of history

Like many other fashion items, the biker jacket has come a long way, and every detail is significant from a functional point of view. For example, zippers on the sleeves near the wrists appeared so that belled gloves could be pulled over the sleeves. The asymmetrical arrangement of the zipper, from the left hip to the right shoulder, has been compared by some fashion researchers to US Civil War uniforms, but there are at least two practical explanations. First, an extra layer of leather protects the neck from the wind. Secondly, the diagonal arrangement of the lightning reduced the load on the mechanism, which at that time (1928) was not very strong. In English, the classic leather jacket is called Perfecto motorcycle leather jacket; Perfecto is the favorite brand of cigars of Schott’s founder, Irwin Schott. By the way, Schott, who first released leather jackets, are still selling these jackets.

But in 1928 and decades later, leather jackets were mainly of interest to motorcyclists and aviators. The real popularity of this wardrobe item came after the films «The Savage» (1953, starring Marlon Brando) and «Rebel Without a Cause» (1955, starring James Dean). Both anti-heroes wore leather jackets, and so convincingly that young people around the world began to follow their example.

In the 70s, leather jackets were worn by rock musicians — the Ramones and the Sex Pistols. Thanks to the latter, the biker jacket has taken on a new look among punks: leather biker jackets with spikes and a lot of studs are their legacy.

What to look for when choosing leather jackets


Today, leather jackets are very diverse, including the quality of the material. The impression largely depends on the material. Decide which character of the item suits you best. An oversized and thick leather jacket looks brutal, and under it you can wear other «male» things — sweaters, oversized sweatshirts and hoodies.

A fitted and narrow jacket made of thin leather will look appropriate with dresses, skirts, and in general it adds a little bit of rigidity to the look.


There is also a wide variety here: from cropped models to coats in the form of leather jackets. Choose the length based on the things you are going to wear it with. A short jacket will complement a high-waisted dress or trousers well. If you wear mid-rise pants and want to be warmer, elongated models are for you.

Quality leather and accessories

Trust your feelings! Good quality leather feels good to the touch. Sartori Dodici jackets are made of fine and soft Turkish-made genuine leather.

When buying, it is better to check all fasteners and zippers.

What to wear with a leather jacket

In the women’s wardrobe, the biker jacket made friends with the most delicate things: tutu skirts and linen-style dresses. But not only with them!

In the western street style, you can find a leather jacket in combination with suit trousers, for example, with these.

Under the jacket you can wear a classic turtleneck.

On cool summer evenings, wear a biker jacket with a long skirt or floral dress (add rough boots for a grunge look), slip dress, and other feminine pieces. Pair a biker jacket with a tutu skirt for a nod to the young Madonna of the early 80s.

With a long silk dress, a leather jacket can look truly luxurious.

Do you have a jacket in your wardrobe? What do you like to wear it with? Share your opinion in the comments!

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