With the approach of the beach season, all the fair sex is wondering how to choose a swimsuit so that it is comfortable and hides the imperfections of the figure. A well-chosen bathing suit works wonders — it makes a girl attractive and irresistible.

The chain of clothing stores KALYAEV tells how to choose a swimsuit according to the type of figure.

Before you go to the store, you need to impartially evaluate the figure and be slightly critical of your own parameters — only knowing the problem areas, you can buy a swimsuit that will emphasize the dignity.

Swimsuit and body type

Often, a beach outfit is bought spontaneously because of a beautiful design, interesting colors or a low price. But the first fitting brings disappointment, because the swimsuit is the wrong size or rubs the skin in certain places. This situation is easy to avoid — it is enough to determine the type of your figure and, depending on this, choose the appropriate model (no one canceled the fitting before buying).

1. «Pear» (triangle). Such a figure is disproportionate: wide hips and narrow shoulders. It is important to balance the upper and lower parts of the body — separate swimsuits with flounces and ruffles on the bodice are perfect for this purpose. A good option is one-piece models in the Empire style with a wide constriction under the bust. It is recommended to avoid bikinis, swimwear with skirts and miniature bottoms with thin strings.

2. «Inverted triangle.» Women with this figure have broad shoulders and narrow hips. Here it is necessary to remove all accents from the upper body and emphasize the hips. The optimal solution is swimming trunks with ties, fluffy skirts, ruffles, wide belts. Bras with draperies, frills, fringes will emphasize the flaws of the figure — they will make the top even heavier and more voluminous in relation to the hips.

3. «Rectangle». The entire silhouette of the figure is a rectangle: no defined waist, the same width of the shoulders and hips. To highlight the waist, you need to choose a monokini style with cutouts on the sides or trikini — its upper and lower parts are connected by a narrow strip of fabric, ribbons, chains. The volume of the hips will be increased by swimming trunks with ruffles, skirts, wide belts, and bodices with thin straps will visually make the shoulders wider. Do not wear swimsuits with swim shorts, strapless bandeau bodices, geometric cutouts.

4. «Apple». Distinctive features of the figure: the absence of a pronounced waist and rounded chest. In this case, you need to visually stretch the torso, emphasize the waist and slimness of the legs, divert attention from the bust. A halter neck halter or tankini with wide straps will work well. Beach outfits with a high cut of the thigh will help to make the legs visually longer. The fabric of the swimsuit should be dense, and the bra should have bones to support the chest. Women with an «apple» figure should not give preference to bikinis and models with thin straps or without them.

5. Hourglass. The figure looks very harmonious: a graceful waist, proportional shoulders and hips. For girls with an average build, it is better to choose models with ties around the neck or without straps. Women with a large bust require bodices with wide straps and bones. Swimming trunks with a deep thigh cut will help visually lengthen short legs. You need to understand that choosing a swimsuit is a responsible matter.

It is important to take into account all the nuances: the type of figure, the size of the chest, hips. On the beach, any girl and woman should look irresistible, and the right bathing suit will successfully help to hide all the flaws and highlight the silhouette.

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