How to choose a quality umbrella and extend the life of the accessory?


Usually after hot days there is a thunderstorm. And now gray clouds have already appeared in the sky, which hid the sun behind them. An umbrella is a necessary accessory for everyone. It is important to choose a durable and strong product that will last more than one season, reliably protect from rain and wind, and be comfortable in use.

What is the history of the umbrella?

For the first time such a useful device appeared more than three thousand years ago. Since then, the umbrella has been repeatedly modified until it has become a modern, convenient and stylish accessory.

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Historians believe that the first devices resembling a modern umbrella began to be used in China, India and Egypt. The first umbrellas weighed two or three kilograms and had a long handle, which was a symbol of the power and might of the reigning person.
In Russia, umbrellas appeared closer to the middle of the 18th century. They were brought from Holland. Russian fashionistas especially liked the beautiful umbrellas, trimmed with ruffles and lace, which perfectly protected from the sun. Soon the masters came up with a variety of forms for umbrellas. It was possible to meet umbrellas not only round, but also square or oval. Around the same time, umbrellas began to be widely used to protect against rain. The first such umbrella was equipped with a cover made of dense fabric resembling a tarpaulin.
Gradually, the umbrella ceased to be an item available only to rich and noble people. Today, each person can choose an umbrella of any color that will stand out from the crowd and reliably protect from the rain.`

What are umbrellas?

Umbrellas are divided into two types — canes and telescopic. In fact, all umbrellas are folding — both canes and telescopic ones, but it is the latter that are commonly called folding. Most often, an umbrella consists of four main parts: a handle; mechanism (mechanical or automatic, less often — semi-automatic); frame (rod and spokes — steel or plastic) and a dome. Possible umbrella dome materials in terms of quality growth are nylon, polyester, jacquard, pongee and satin. There may be an additional coating — Teflon, so that the material of the dome does not get wet.

How to choose a quality umbrella?

1. Open-close the umbrella several times. The mechanism should work freely, not jam. If the umbrella is automatic or fully automatic, check how the button is inserted — whether it falls down, whether it is pressed normally.

2. Pay attention to the fabric of the dome — it should be well stretched, not sag. The picture is clear, without streaks. Fabric without damage.

3. Inspect the frame — make sure that all the spokes are the same length, even, not bent. The frame is not loose. The fabric is well attached to the needles, the threads are without breaks, the seams are even. Make sure the handle is well secured.

4. Look at the cap on top of the dome — it should be well attached. Look under the dome. On the inside, umbrellas equipped with the “Anti-wind” system (due to which an umbrella turned inside out by the wind does not break) have springs on the supporting spokes.

5. Please note that some spokes may not have these springs. This is done on purpose, because excessive stress on the spokes only harms the carcass.

The fewer moving mechanisms in the umbrella, the more reliable it is. The most reliable are cane umbrellas with a large number of dome spokes and an “anti-wind” device that turns the dome inside out, preventing the wind from breaking the spokes,

— commented Lyudmila Vikulova, Director of the Research Department of Roskachestvo.

How to extend the life of an accessory?

1. You need to dry the umbrella properly and in time: when you enter the room, you should hang it with the dome down, without opening it or putting it in the case. Let the air dry the umbrella gradually.

2. Those people who dry their umbrellas in the open, gradually render the drying fabric of the dome unusable. And those who fold it tightly, without drying it, risk getting a “rotten” umbrella in a year (a rattle and an unpleasant smell appear).

3. Sometimes it is useful to wash the dome of the umbrella under the shower with a mild shampoo — this cleaning of the dome will not harm it. It is also worth washing the umbrella handle from time to time, as we use the umbrella on the street, while touching various surfaces.

An umbrella can last up to 10 years if handled properly.

Features of caring for transparent umbrellas:

1. The dome of the transparent umbrella can be coated with white powder on the inside to prevent sticking of the material. If the powder interferes, wipe the dome with a dry cloth before first use. If the powder is completely removed, the dome material may stick together during storage. If this happens, carefully, with your hands, without using the mechanism, glue it, then open the umbrella.

2. Transparent umbrellas may have a specific smell of polyethylene, which disappears over time. To get rid of it faster, put the umbrella open on the balcony for a day. The smell will noticeably weaken and soon disappear completely.

3. Wash such an umbrella from the outside with cool water. Dry transparent umbrellas should be away from heat sources so that the polyvinyl does not melt and does not lose its shape.


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