How to choose a leather jacket?


One of the most versatile items in a woman’s wardrobe is a leather jacket. It can be worn in summer paired with tops and light blouses, and in autumn with sweaters. A leather jacket will allow you to create both the image of a «biker’s girlfriend» and give a serious, businesslike look. But many, buying this piece of clothing, are often mistaken with the choice. How to choose the right leather jacket for yourself so that it becomes a valuable investment in your appearance and lasts as long as possible?

Let’s start with the material. With environmental friendliness and animal protection in vogue now, fewer manufacturers use natural leather for the manufacture of their jackets, preferring its synthetic counterparts. Naturally, leatherette quality can be different. Poor-quality jackets are quickly worn out, covered with creases and cracks from frequent wear, and cheap dye can shed and leak if you get into a downpour in a jacket.

How can you tell if the real leather that your jacket is made from is strong, durable, and safe? The best way to do this is to try on the jacket at the store and move around a bit. If, after your body movements, there are no visible creases on the product, and the body is comfortable and comfortable to move, then you can safely take the jacket. Another important nuance is the smell. The jacket should not emit a distinct smell of paint or plastic.

The second factor is the length and cut. From the point of view of fashion trends, the best and most durable option is considered to be when the length of the jacket reaches the waist and covers it, and the cut is loose, not tight-fitting. A loose fit will allow you to wear an oversized sweater under such a jacket in the fall and not experience any discomfort.

The third factor is the collar of the leather jacket. No matter how hard designers and fashion designers come up with original collars, standard solutions still remain in fashion. Colored fur, too voluminous collars are not what you need if you plan to wear a purchased jacket for several years and look stylish.

Factor number four is the fittings of the jacket. Be sure to check the quality of zippers, fasteners, rivets, to be sure that they will not fall off and fail at the most inopportune moment. By the way, the number of decorative elements is also important: jackets richly studded with rhinestones, spikes and studs, alas, quickly go out of fashion. Therefore, look for a more classic version, where all this tinsel is not so much.

The fifth factor is color. Again, focus on classic tones — white, black, cream, brown. If you buy a jacket for a long time, taking trendy color models is a bad decision. After all, these colors may not be combined with the things that you wear in everyday life.

Knowing all these nuances, you can easily choose a leather jacket for yourself that will become your faithful companion for several years, will never look outdated in terms of fashion and will protect you from the cold on chilly autumn days.


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