Parents are always concerned about the health and safety of their children. In order for children not to get sore ears and not to suffer from a cough, it is necessary not only to take vitamins and eat right, but also to dress well — especially in the cold season.

In the analysis, we will consider the Frozen Dreams brand, which produces children’s hats-helmets made of natural materials that reliably protect your baby from frost and wind.


Of course, it is important that the material is not only warm, but also pleasant, soft and does not cause discomfort to the child. The top of the product is better to choose wool for 70% and 30% acrylic. Woolen material will warm in cold weather, and the content of acrylic due to the content of acrylic in the composition of the product does not lose shape after washing, does not shed, indelible, which is very convenient. At the same time, acrylic has a low thermal conductivity, similar to that of natural sheep or alpaca wool. The best thing for a hat is a 100% hypoallergenic cotton lining, so as not to irritate sensitive baby skin. Eurowinter / demi-season from +5 to -15C.


With helmets, it allows you to reliably protect your child from wind and frost, it is especially important to pay attention to this when turning your head, and the “scarf” covers the baby’s neck well.


Children can be very restless and active. During a walk, kids often run around the playground or even try to escape and fly away wherever their eyes look. Hats-helmets with reflective elements will be an excellent choice — at night you will always see your child, passers-by will also notice the child, and most importantly — motorists entering the yard.


It is selected depending on the circumference of your baby’s head. It is measured from the forehead to the back of the head.

Approximate head circumference by age:

— child under 3 months: head circumference 35-40 cm;

— from 3 to 6 months — 42-44 centimeters;

— from 6 months to 1 year — 44-46 centimeters;

— up to 2 years — 46-48 centimeters;

— from 2 to 3 years — 48-50 centimeters;

— from 3 to 5 — 50-54 centimeters;

— from 5 to 8 — 52-56 centimeters.

The Frozen dreams brand has taken care of the safety of children by releasing a collection of helmets with a reflective crest. In addition, such a product looks very stylish and unusual — your child will definitely like it! The cap-helmet tightly closes the neck and ears of the baby — even when turning the head, even when turning the head, it protects against the ingress of frosty air and wind. Perfect for demi-season and winter temperatures down to -15 degrees.

Natural materials do not cause irritation, do not prick and remain in their original shape even after numerous washes. The cap-helmet does not shed and does not wrinkle. Acrylic, which is part of the product, has a low thermal conductivity, similar to natural wool, from which the outer part of the hat is made.

The variety of colors will allow you to choose a hat-helmet for both a boy and a girl. The product is combined with any parks and jackets, winter overalls and down jackets.

Given the tips and nuances described above, you can easily and quickly choose a warm and comfortable hat for your baby.

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