How to choose a handbag for every day?


One that is relevant and looks good?) There are several options:

☘️Track trends and develop awareness so as not to grab irrelevant fringe in a hurry)

☘️Measure the color temperature so that it does not differ much from the color temperature of the wardrobe))

☘️ Count by formulas

For example, for the width of the cross-body there is this: (hips / 2) — 20-30 cm

But you can do it easier

And choose muFLAFFIso!

1) Basic bags are relevant for more than one season

2) Classic colors fit into any wardrobe

3) And according to the formulas, we have already calculated everything;)

In the photo — cross-body «First» in bottle color.

Height — 20 cmDepth — 8 cmWidth — 25 cm

We also sew in many other colors)))


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