How to choose a fragrance for a car?


Cardboard flavors for the car, which are better known as «Christmas trees» or «stinks», have finally lost their leadership position. Now most salons are decorated with stylish bottles with wooden caps that fill the space with a pleasant fragrance.

Liquid fragrances are a really great choice for the car owner. They are based on natural essences that are safe for health. It is better to trust your choice of car perfume to trusted brands that do not use cheap fragrances. For example, the Russian company SETI, which has been on the market since 2017, has managed to earn an excellent reputation for itself. It has its own production in the city of Sterlitamak (Bashkiria). The plant has its own wood processing technology for lids, thanks to which the aroma is better revealed and consumed more economically. The company buys the essences used in the perfume capital of France — Grasse, and most of the compositions are created based on famous perfumes.

The first brand the company brought to market was Meilleur. Now it is represented by two collections: a perfume collection, which includes ten fragrances, and a fruit collection, consisting of five mono-flavors of juicy fruits.

The fragrance masks unpleasant odors in the car, cheers up. Like any perfume product, this car accessory can be selected taking into account seasonality. The cold season favors warm and sweet smells with hints of vanilla, chocolate, wood or pine resin. But as soon as the sun begins to warm the street, we immediately want light floral or invigorating fruit compositions.

When choosing a fragrance, especially if you want to give it as a gift, you should consider the gender of the car owner. The Meilleur perfume collection includes many unisex fragrances. But there are compositions based on men’s perfumes and women’s perfumes. For example, number 10 is inspired by Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc eau de toilette, and number 1 is inspired by L’Imperatrice D&G women’s perfume.

All flavors have different saturation, and it is also important to pay attention to this. There are many connoisseurs of bright intense aromas among car owners, but there are also those who prefer a more delicate sound. Therefore, the Meilleur brand introduced a gradation according to the saturation of the aroma so that each client could choose the option to their liking and be satisfied.

As we have already noted, aromas affect our mood. If you spend a lot of time on the road and want to stay cheerful, then we advise you to pay attention to citrus car perfumes. For example, «Orange» from the fruity Meilleur series, or number 2 with top notes of grapefruit and lemon. If you’re looking for soothing scents to get through traffic jams, look for sandalwood, cedarwood or bergamot for a gentle scent that brings the mind into harmony. In the Meilleur collection, number 3 definitely answers for anti-stress!

The assortment of SETI includes many flavors for every taste. Test a few to find your favorite. To make it easier, we have created a limited collection of sets, which includes three fragrances at an attractive price. Enjoy the fragrance of quality essences and choose Meilleur as a gift!


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