How to choose a folding bed: tips

When it becomes necessary to buy a folding bed, the image of a classic “Soviet” folding bed with a strong canvas base and an adjustable headrest appears in the mind of most people. Modern folding beds are much stronger and more reliable than their predecessors. Let’s look at the selection criteria for folding beds.

When choosing a folding bed, it is important to pay attention to:

  • Permissible maximum load

Distributed load, depending on the model of the folding bed, varies from 90 to 200 kg. Be sure to choose a folding bed with a load margin and taking into account the weight of the person.

  • Base type

Usually textile, galvanized mesh or lamellas.

a) Textile is a dense material stretched over a frame. The fabric does not wear out for a long time, practically does not stretch, does not tear and does not get wet. Most often, such models are bought on a trip that is planned on cars.

b) Folding beds on springs and mesh — an improved look of the classic folding bed. Due to the use of steel mesh with a closed weave in the base, the service life of such models is much longer. These products are practical, unpretentious, compact. If you supplement such a folding bed with a high-quality orthopedic mattress, you can improve not only sleep, but also well-being throughout the day.

c) Folding beds on slats — the most modern and most convenient models for both temporary and permanent use. Lamels, or «armours», are bent wooden plates that provide sufficient rigidity of the base and evenly distribute the load of the body of a person lying on a folding bed.

If you are thinking about an additional full-fledged bed in the house, it is better to opt for a model with wooden orthopedic slats. On such a folding bed, you can sleep well and not hold on to your lower back in the morning. Follow the rules of operation, do not exceed the permissible distributed loads and do not create peak loads at one point.

  • The presence of a mattress and its filler.

If you choose a folding comfortable bed, it is better to choose one with a mattress. Most often as a filler in folding beds is used:

a) PPU (polyurethane foam or foam rubber) — elastic, cellular material. Such mattresses do not cause allergies, perfectly support the body during sleep, do not absorb odors.

b) Holcon is a modern non-woven material that feels similar to foam rubber, but produced using other technologies. The mattress from this material is elastic, wear-resistant, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, antibacterial, does not absorb odors and moisture, and is not flammable.

  • Thickness and diameter of the frame pipe

The frame of folding beds is usually made of high-strength steel pipes of various diameters. The larger the diameter of the frame pipe and the thickness of the pipe walls, the more reliable the clamshell will be. All metal elements are coated with anti-corrosion polymer paint that protects the product from environmental factors.

  • Additional elements

a) The absence or presence of transport wheels for ease of movement, attached to the base or legs of the bed.

b) The presence in the base of the structure of the bumpers for fixing the mattress.

Today, the choice of folding beds is quite wide, you can easily choose the right model that fully meets your needs and budget. We advise you to pay attention to these models:

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