How to choose a dishwashing detergent?


Fast, high-quality and safe cleaning is the main task of any modern dishwashing detergent!

Most often, the criteria for choosing dishwashing detergents include good foaming, hypoallergenicity, a delicate effect on the skin of the hands and a pleasant smell. Alas, only the last criterion can be assessed before purchase. Therefore, in the store we compare the tightness and strength of the package, the shape of the dispenser, the ergonomic design, as well as the presence of the necessary information on the package.

Dishwashing detergents are household chemicals, so the main risk is the occurrence of allergies. It is recommended to smell the product before buying, as well as apply a test on the back of the hand. If there is a reaction from the purchase, it is better to refuse.

Any modern liquid product degreases not only the dishes, but also the skin of the hands. Look for products that contain ingredients that care for the skin of the hands, such as glycerin.

Many products are now sold in large canisters of 5 liters. Such volumes are quite profitable and allow you to forget about buying funds for a long time. This is an economical and environmentally friendly approach to dishwashing.

Choose the tools that are right for you!


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