A tracksuit is a universal item of a child’s wardrobe. You can not only play sports in it, but also walk with friends, go on picnics out of town with mom and dad, run around the park, ride a bike — in general, do everything that active children love. So that the tracksuit you choose is not only fit the child, but was

as convenient as possible, follow a few simple rules when choosing it.

Rule one: safety first

Any active games for a child are always a risk of injury. Properly selected clothing will help to reduce it to a minimum. Pay attention to such aspects:

Pants length. It should not be too big, buying a tracksuit «for growth» is a bad idea. The child can get tangled in too long and wide trousers, fall and be injured. It is desirable that the legs and sleeves have soft and wide knitted cuffs: they will not only prevent clothes from slipping during active games, but also protect from cold air.

Hardware quality. Zippers, laces, studs and other details of the suit must be fastened as securely as possible so as not to hurt

delicate baby skin. If the sweatshirt is fastened with a zipper, it is better that it has a soft fabric tongue, which is comfortable to pull even with wet fingers.

Rule two: cut — only loose!

The tracksuit must be comfortable for the child. Sleeves and legs should not fit the body and hinder movement, the belt and cuffs should be soft, with a wide elastic band so that it does not dig into the skin. At the same time, the elastic should be sufficiently elastic and securely hold the clothes — when jumping, somersaulting, waving legs and arms, the pants should not slip and expose the lower back.

Rule three: style means a lot

No matter how high quality and convenient

was a tracksuit, the child will not wear it if he does not like the color or design. Since playing sports should be fun, the look of the suit is also very important.

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