A watch strap is a small detail, but it significantly affects the comfort and safety of the watch itself. In this review, we will tell you what to look for if you are choosing a smart watch bracelet for yourself or as a gift.

The size of the watch itself

The first thing to determine is the size of the watch: there is 42×44 mm or a newer and more compact model, 38×40 mm. Usually, manufacturers release two versions of the same strap at once, you can see this in our selection. The main thing is not to confuse!

Your wrist size

Just in case, you should keep this indicator in mind: some models have limitations. For example, the steel bracelet from our selection is suitable for wrists with a girth of 14 to 21 cm. But most other straps, with many holes or Velcro, will allow you to go beyond these limits.


Smartwatch straps are made from a variety of materials: it can be silicone, nylon, steel, or high-strength leather.


Fans of an active lifestyle and a sporty style of clothing will suit bright silicone straps: our selection includes very expressive models with contrasting holes.

If you like minimalism, check out the Milanese Loop bracelets — they are a thin metal mesh with a clasp that allows you to perfectly fit the strap to the size of your hand. The «Milanese Loop» suits different styles of clothing: formal, casual, and sporty.


Prices for straps for smart watches can vary several times. Our selection includes a stainless steel bracelet that costs as much as ten silicone straps (while silicone straps are of the same quality, durable and pleasing to the eye no less).

The availability of accessories allows you to alternate them and diversify the look of the watch without changing the gadget itself.

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