Everything on the shelves. How to enjoy the beauty of order every day?


Oh, this is a pleasant feeling of satisfaction when the house is in order, all the necessary things are at hand, in their places. Aesthetics and convenience! How to achieve the perfect combination of them in your home? How to tidy up in style? Lay it all out!

1. We select the right furniture

When buying furniture for storing small things, it is important to strike a balance between dimensions and capacity. Everyone was tired of old bulky wall cabinets 20 years ago, it’s time to free up space.

The best solution would be shelving and hanging shelves. Maximum capacity, minimum space

When there is no desire to put a large rack, and a small shelf is not enough for everything, compact cabinets-racks rush to the rescue.

Small cabinets with a thoughtful design will fit into any room

2. Add Shelf Organizers

In order to fit more stuff on each floor of a rack or shelf, we add a container. For example, a box. Looks surprisingly stylish!

Boxes are made specifically for the size of our racks, in a set of 3 pieces.

Storage has never been so convenient. Compact and stylish Estente furniture will bring order and comfort to your home, save time for rest and more pleasant things than cleaning.


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