Eternally fashionable trench coat: what to choose and what to combine with.


So, you are about to buy a new trench coat.

A long, feminine, classic, light-colored trench coat is a hit of the 2021 season, a thing that will emphasize and help out your image. Wherever you go: for a walk with the children, in a cafe, in the park, for a visit or for dinner, to the office or for shopping, you need a protector from the weather!

Speaking dryly and packing the main fashion trends, the current favorite is presented in the elements — women’s trench coat long, double-breasted version, patched epaulettes, large buttons, belt with buckle, deep pockets, fasteners on the cuffs of the sleeve. Looking through the options, is it already possible to choose?

But it takes a little time to think. Made of leather or eco-leather, a women’s raincoat is quite heavy, more difficult to care for, and even more outrageous. Asymmetry in details and cut, this is not quite an everyday version of a women’s raincoat. The combination of several different types of material in one model, such a trench coat requires a formed, integral image with a bag and shoes. Oversized model — alas, but not for any figure. The complex and textured fabric of women’s demi-season and summer raincoats is a combination of 2-3 looks from the entire wardrobe. It’s already quite enough “BUT” to focus on the classic version — a light women’s raincoat, a spring trench coat, a long trench coat, a summer raincoat, a demi-season trench coat, a beige trench coat for women, a light raincoat, a spring-summer women’s trench coat.

According to many selection criteria, the votes will be in favor of the classics. However, not only the dry facts of fashionable elements take part in the selection. Your individuality is involved in the choice, because at any age, in any mood, in any physical condition, in any weight and in any place, you are emphatically feminine, keeping up with modern fashion and style.

So what is included in the scope of matching looks with such a classic model of women’s raincoats and trench coats?


Women’s suit with trousers and blouse, suit with skirt and blouse. A skirt with a blouse, a skirt with a jacket, a dress with a jacket. Any version of classic shoes with or without heels, oxfords, loafers.


Jeans, sweatshirt or t-shirt. Skirt and turtleneck, skirt and knitted blouses, skirt and sweatshirt. Dress and boots, dress and ankle boots. Capris, chinos, culottes, slacks with sweatshirts, hoodies and T-shirts.


Cocktail dresses, fancy jumpsuits, nudes, sparkly dresses, club dresses and a little black dress with evening shoes or sandals.


Tiered dresses, tutu skirts, ruffled blouses, lace and embroidered dresses, delicate fabrics and floral prints, chiffon skirts.

The versatility of use, combined with fashion trends, production control, attention to detail and finishing that is monitored by the brand in production, is a guarantee that your trench coat is a plus for you. This is the first «FOR».

Light color, perhaps the older generation will insert their note of protest into this element. However, the days of scrupulous practicality are over! Your appearance, upbeat positive mood, freshness and conciseness of your image are a good element in your basic wardrobe capsule. This is a much more important answer «YES».

So pleasantly dressed in a hurry, just running out of the house for 5-10 minutes and throwing on your brand new raincoat, catching interested looks and hearing compliments addressed to you. Here is the final «FOR» for you.

PS The Russian brand BRIARI carefully assembled a team of its employees, experienced seamstresses and cutters, Italian patterns, the work of a fashion designer and production technologist in the selection of materials and high-quality accessories, stylist consultations — all for the best final excellent result. We are pleased to offer you our range, because we are responsible for its quality! Happy shopping.


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