Down jacket: what to combine and how to wear?


The vest-down jacket received its recognition at the peak of sports fashion. This piece of clothing is a great alternative to a coat or jacket. It is great for jogging, outdoor activities, city walks or outdoor recreation. This is obvious. After all, such a sleeveless down jacket not only saves from the wind and any bad weather, but also does not restrict movement at all. Today, when the casual style occupies a leading position, a down jacket helps to add originality to the image. And if you choose the right model, then it can even fit into the classic style. Fortunately, the field for experiments is huge. Stylists offer a wide variety of shapes, colors, prints. Down jackets also differ in types of “stitches”: squares, rhombuses, stripes, plain shapes from small to very large. Consider the options for using quilted sleeveless jackets.

Sporty style

Down quilted vests are perfectly combined with polo shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sneakers, backpacks and were originally conceived as an element of sports style. Therefore, it is best to buy them in a specialized store.

Casual style

It is enough to fit into plain jeans and a sweatshirt, put on sneakers or boots and complement the bow with an inflated vest. The image will be no less stylish if jeans are replaced with cotton trousers, and put on a flannel shirt on top. In this case, the vest should not have sports elements. It is also desirable to choose it in neutral shades of a straight cut with a stand-up collar and narrow stitching. But you can, on the contrary, by choosing plain clothes, make a bright accent on the vest, picking up the tone, for example, socks. The main thing here is not to overdo it: the poisonous color of this wardrobe element in combination with the casual style is not appropriate.

Classic style

The use of a down jacket in tandem with the classics requires special courage, because not everyone will be able to appreciate such a step. The main condition: the vest should be very thin and neutral shades to match the main image. The only option for wearing is under a jacket or jacket. This option will bring an informal touch to the style, and if an unexpected business meeting is expected, just take off the vest.

Quilted vest — as an element of layering

The layering of clothing, in addition to its stylistic load, performs the task of a heat regulator. There are two options for wearing a vest — a down jacket: under a jacket (coat) or on them. In the first case, it is necessary to choose a quilted vest of an adjacent silhouette to match the main element of clothing. Suitable models are available in the KALYAEV store. If the vest is supposed to be worn over a jacket or coat, it is advisable to give preference to a sleeveless jacket that is fairly loose in shape. It is advisable to try on two elements of the wardrobe at once in the store, so you will understand: whether they are combined in style and color, whether they restrict movement. Whatever option you choose to wear a quilted vest, never try to wear it with an evening dress and stilettos. Of course, a down jacket is a rather stylish element of the wardrobe, but it needs a certain time of the year to wear it: in the middle latitudes it is early autumn or late spring. However, even this short period of time is quite sufficient for new experiments.


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