Diamond crown for socket boxes: which one to choose

With each repair, the problem of installing sockets, switches, and junction boxes is solved. In modern conditions, there are quite a lot of these objects — everything works on electricity for us and we are used to having its source always at hand. Plus, it is very important that all this looks aesthetically pleasing — that is, external wiring and extended extension cords are not allowed.

To do this, it is necessary to drill the appropriate mounting holes. If our wall is wooden or plasterboard, the operation is quite simple and does not cause difficulties. But if the wall is reinforced concrete or brick, and there are a lot of installation objects, difficulties may arise. If you need to mount a lot of sockets / switches in a short time, it is important to choose the right equipment for the tool. What are the requirements for the tool in this case:

1. Increased resource — the ability to drill many holes before the tool dies.

2. Dry drilling. Not everywhere it is possible to apply water cooling. In addition, water cooling requires the use of special additional equipment or the need to “collective farm” something. The possibility of dry drilling is provided only by crowns with laser welding. Other technology simply does not provide the necessary strength — the segments will fall off during drilling. The type of drilling and type of welding must be explicitly stated in the specifications of the bit. If nothing is written about it — this is silver soldering, which only works with cooling.

3. Reliability — low probability of premature failure.

4. Speed ​​of work — the ability to drill holes quickly. After all, time is money. This requirement is relevant both for teams performing work, and for which delays at the facility are fraught with scandals and fines, and for those who make repairs at home. After all, repair is either carrying out any work in the current housing, or in a new building. In the first case, it is dust / dirt in the apartment where the owners themselves live. And in the second — the delay in moving to a new apartment and the additional costs associated with this, for example, rent for temporary housing.

5. Ability to work with additional options, for example, with dust removal systems. This is especially true when working in an apartment with a fine finish. But it also makes sense at the rough stage of repair, as it radically reduces the amount of dust and, as a result, increases the complexity of all other operations.

The recognized leader in the market of diamond hole saws is Delta, which produces 3 series of professional drilling equipment. Using unique patented technologies and know-how, the company produces at an affordable price cutting tools that surpass foreign analogues in all characteristics. This results in a very low cost per hole.

All 3 systems are available in diameters 68, 72 and 82 mm (T-Series in diameters 68 and 72 mm) with side and top dust separation for a dust extraction system with a vacuum cleaner. Diameter 68 mm is used for socket boxes with a bore diameter up to 65 mm. The 72nd diameter is more versatile and is used for both standard and larger diameter socket boxes, as well as in cases where a wider installation gap is required, for example, in case of not very even walls or where it is not possible to drill straight. Diameter 82 mm allows you to make holes for mounting both socket boxes and switches and junction boxes.

Together with crowns with top dust extraction, I recommend using a dust extraction system with a vacuum cleaner, which improves cooling and removal of cuttings by an order of magnitude and increases the resource and speed of drilling. The manufacturer recommends the use of industrial vacuum cleaners. But in practice there is a method called «an old vacuum cleaner for slaughter.»

1. Adele Super Fast

The series is designed for drilling in shockless mode, dry cut. Excellent for most wall materials, including low-reinforced and medium-abrasive concrete, brick, FBS blocks, foam and aerated concrete. When tested, it shows the real ability to drill 100 or more holes in unreinforced concrete. Drilling speed is average. These characteristics do not mean that it is impossible to work in highly reinforced concrete. But the drilling speed and resource will be lower.

2.Diamond Hit

The series is designed for drilling holes in micro-impact mode in highly reinforced and medium abrasive concrete, brick, FBS blocks, foam and gas concrete, dry cut. Drilling speed is higher. Resource — 100 or more holes.

3. Diamond Hit T-Series

Top series of the manufacturer. Serves for drilling holes in highly reinforced and highly abrasive concrete, brick, FBS blocks, foam and gas concrete in micro-impact mode, dry cut.

Assembly teams are advised to have several diamond crowns in their arsenal. Such a set allows you to use exactly the crown that best suits the wall material and installation requirements. This saves money and time.

Those who buy this equipment to carry out repairs on their own can be sure that the tool will not fail until the end of the work.

We are always ready to help our customers with choosing the right tool. Write to us using the appropriate form.

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