Countertop protection: what thickness to choose?

Important information to know when choosing thickness!

For tablecloths that have an overhang from the edges of the table, we recommend 0.4 mm or 0.8 mm, because. they are easily bent and look great in the form of a tablecloth. there is no physical and thermal impact, but mainly protects against dirt and dust.

Material up to 1.2 mm thick is not recommended for laying along the contour of the table, as it is light (it is highly likely that it will slide on the table), quickly deforms and loses its presentable appearance. As a result, you are throwing money away and getting a negative experience from using it. For reliable protection of kitchen and writing tables, we recommend thicknesses from 1.5-2 mm, because they are more durable and resistant to physical impact and do not deform from hot. Also in the assortment is a thicker material, 2.5 mm for more reliable protection, because. it is heavier and more durable. The 2.5 mm thick overlay is used for slatted tables and tables with aggressive technical loads.

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