Clothing customization: why is it a trend and how does it work?


Hello everyone from the concept clothing brand SKVO.

Clothing customization (from English to costomize) — this is the transformation of the basic attributes of the wardrobe for individual, personal characteristics. This is a kind of «alteration» of clothes «for themselves.»

What is meant by customization?

  • drawing (printing) handmade
  • applying a machine print using a ready-made sketch
  • applying high-quality, conceptual, machine embroidery

Starting from the concept of custom, we can answer the main question — why is it all?

🙂 Of course, to reveal the personality and the opportunity to show their own style.

For many years (in the period from the 70s to the present day), young people have strived for self-realization and self-manifestation. In this regard, custom still remains at the highest trend positions.

However, not many brands think about creating individual custom products.

Studying the niche of customization, we came across an interesting observation — this is the almost complete absence of worthy competitors … And we decided to get to work ourselves.

How to apply custom on products?

The creation of high-quality basic products, individual painting and embroidery is now a huge part of the work in our production.

Naturally, painting can be done by hand, but this does not guarantee long-term wear of the product. To bring this idea to life, you need not only a computer implementation technique, but also knowledge of working with certain materials for painting and embroidery.

This is a more complex unique design of clothing for a specific person. Here, various materials can be used in combination to create a more complex perception effect:

  • sprays (serve as a «substrate» under the main inscription, create a graffiti effect and unusual smudges)
  • specialized moisture-resistant matte paints with various effects (for example, the effect of suede or sparkles)
  • indelible markers (fluorescent, metallic and luminescent markers that glow in the dark, which require equipment such as an ultraviolet lamp to paint)
  • swelling paints (volume effect, they are also called bulk paints

What fabric can be used for customization?

Usually, we use dense cotton fibers (linen, denim, twill).

And in the experience of our brand, the most resistant way to UV rays and wear is customization with embroidery. A sketch is driven into the program, the necessary threads are selected, and embroidery is applied using the dot method in a short period of time.

Experts say that fashion for custom products is also our near future!


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