Very many among those who sew also like to do other types of needlework: knitting or crocheting, weaving macrame, wool felting, embroidering with beads or a cross.

Our article will be dedicated specifically to embroiderers, those who love to create beautiful paintings on fabric that require painstaking work and diligence, using threads and a needle.

It is more convenient for someone to buy ready-made cross-stitch kits, which include everything you need: embroidery pattern, canvas, needle, floss threads matched by color.

But very often you can find patterns for embroidery that are sold separately, as well as experienced embroiderers prefer to work according to their own patterns and plots. Then there is a need for self-selection of the necessary materials for embroidery — canvas and thread.

Canvas is the basis of any embroidery and its selection must be approached very carefully. You don’t need to save on canvas, because the finished result of your work depends on its quality.

When buying, be sure to take a good look at the canvas. Canvas with less than 4 lead threads is not the best choice. Such a canvas can warp during embroidery.

It is also worth initially deciding on the dimension of the canvas.

Count is a numerical expression of the size of the canvas. It indicates the size of the cell in which one cross is placed. The count is indicated by a number, the larger this number, the smaller the cell. The larger the count, the clearer the image will be.

Depending on the size of the count, the canvas is divided into two types: canvas of the Aida type and canvas of an even weave.

Canvas type Aida divided into clear squares, which are convenient to embroider with a cross. This canvas is suitable for beginner embroiderers, as the division into blocks is clearly visible on it.

You can buy such a canvas in our catalog on Wildberries at the link.

Regular weave canvas or uniform, as it is often called, has a uniform weave of transverse and longitudinal threads. Embroidering on such a canvas is a little more difficult, but the result will be much better and more expressive. The smaller the canvas cell, the clearer the image will turn out.

You can buy such a canvas in our catalog on Wildberries at the link. The set consists of 3 canvas cuts in white, light green and lilac, 30 count.

We also have a 30-count beige 100% cotton uniform weave canvas that is water and dirt repellent.

You can buy such a canvas in our catalog on Wildberries at the link.

Choose a suitable canvas of high quality, and then the process itself and the result of your work will certainly please you.

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