Many parents are unable to wean their children from addiction to gadgets. Board games can help them with this.

Board games have a beneficial effect on the child and help develop logic, attention, fine motor skills, memory, imagination and thinking. Also, thanks to board games, children have interest and first knowledge in school disciplines: mathematics becomes exciting and understandable, foreign languages ​​are learned faster, vocabulary increases.

Many board games involve multiple players. Interacting with each other during the game, children learn to communicate with each other, follow the rules, adequately experience both victory and defeat, and plan the game several moves ahead.

The famous Italian educator Giuseppe Lisciani founded the Lisciani Research Center more than 40 years ago, which creates educational games that make learning fun. All games are produced at our own facility in the Italian town of Sant’Atto in the province of Teramo.

Lisciani (Lishiani) are games and puzzles for the education and development of children of primary, preschool and school age.

Lisciani is a game-based learning system covering age categories 1-4, 3-6, 5-10 and 10-12 years old. It consists of board games and puzzles for teaching counting, developing reading and writing skills, as well as science experiment sets with many directions for developing various knowledge and skills.

A distinctive feature of Lisciani games is the presence of an interactive Carotene carrot pen, which prompts the child the correct answer. It is this feature of Lisciani games that makes them a relevant and harmless alternative to gadgets.

All games are characterized by multivariance and variety of elements. Learning takes place in a game form of various types — a quiz with the choice of the correct answer using an interactive carrot, step-by-step games with a field and cubes, assembling puzzles with the alphabet and funny characters, trains and houses.

On the back of each Carotina Preschool package is a Development Features Chart that shows areas of expertise and the level that the set contributes to. Information on the front of the box provides a quick perception of the purpose and value of the product.

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