In many design styles there is an element of bas-relief in the interior. Aristocratic delights have sunk into the past. A bas-relief in the interior of a city apartment or a private house is quite real. It takes a little artistic taste, diligence and building skills. Even if several objects are made according to one sketch, each bas-relief will be unique and inimitable. A three-dimensional picture is able to obscure construction defects, hide cracks, bumps or spots. In addition, it performs a decorative function, becoming the central object in the entire decor of the room. Ornaments decorate the space around the fireplace, at doors and windows, occupy free walls where it used to be fashionable to hang carpets. In the bedroom, the wall at the headboard decorated with a bas-relief will give the interior a noble charm. Decorating the walls with a bas-relief will make the home truly original and elegant. Aerobatics — competent framing of the scenery with lighting.

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