Picking a shelf is easy! This may seem so at first glance. Today, there are many models, shapes and materials on the market. So that you do not get confused and purchase a product that fits perfectly into the interior, combining beauty and convenience, we have prepared this selection.

No. 1. Decide on the material

Wood or chipboard. A great option that is always in trend. Wooden wall shelves They look good and are easy to take care of. Withstand heavy weight, strong, environmentally friendly and safe. Such products will serve for many years.

Plastic. Shelves made of this material are light and durable. Model natural coatings (stone, marble, wood), available in various colors. However, they have an unnatural composition, care must be taken when placing heavy objects.

Metal. Durable and reliable material. wall decorative shelfand with forged elements look stylish and attract attention. With improper care, they can corrode, do not always fit the classic style of the interior.

Glass. Glass shelves are especially loved by designers. Visually lighten the space, make it possible to create unusual compositions. When choosing, you should pay attention to the thickness so that the product is durable and reliable. Glass is more difficult to maintain, stains and stains may remain.

Combined. Consist of various materials. The best option are wooden wall shelves in the room with metal fastening. They are reliable and durable, fit into any interior.

No. 2. Select Mount Type

It is necessary to consider how much the shelf will be loaded and the possibility of dismantling.

  • Rigid fixation. The product is suspended using special fittings. The mount allows you to place a lot of weight, so you don’t have to worry about it falling or breaking.
  • Removable fixation. Fastening using loops or hooks located on the shelf. The location of the rack can be easily changed if desired.
  • Hidden fixation. The fittings are not visible, the shelf seems to be glued to the wall. However, dismantling the product yourself is quite difficult.

Number 3. Take stock

Other things to keep in mind:

  • The location of the shelves. This will depend on the size and shape.
  • Quantity. One shelf on the wall or several small ones that make up the ensemble.
  • Distance between shelves. It is determined by the height of the objects located on them. When placing things should not rest on the upper tier.
  • The style of the product should fit the room. Experiments are justified only if you are confident in them.

Follow our advice and you will be able to purchase wall mounted shelfwhich will best suit your needs.

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