Many people know that after the first wash, a T-shirt turns into an unpresentable rag, which can now only be worn under a sweater. Hands down, you think that now the quality is not the same …

Do you think that a high price for the product will save the situation? You buy a branded T-shirt for 3 — 5 — 7 thousand rubles, and the result is the same …

Now we will tell you some effective tips, following which you can choose a quality T-shirt in the store and wear it for several seasons. Save money wisely!

  1. Proportion. The length of the T-shirt should be greater than its width, the sleeves should be the same, the bottom should be even without distortions.

2. Color. The color of the fabric should be uniform throughout the fabric. An exception is knitwear with special etchings. The quality of the paint can be seen in the light.

3. The difference between the sizes. If you attach and compare different sizes of T-shirts of the same article, then they should differ in width and length. Differences in cm between sizes should increase proportionally from size to size.

4. Smooth seams. Often, after washing, the side seams on T-shirts warp, the neck is deformed. Carefully consider the cut and weave of the threads in the canvas. Along the side seam, the chain of loops should not move more than 1-2 cm. The neckline should be reinforced from shoulder to shoulder along the back with additional braid.

5. Neck from ribana. This is another material different from the main fabric of the T-shirt. Ribana is a special fabric in the form of an elastic band. The lycra ribbed prevents the neck from deforming after washing.

6. Fabric density. The density of the main fabric is often indicated on the tags or in the product description in online stores. Density from 180 g/m2 is considered an indicator of high quality. In this case, one must not forget about the friability of the fabric.

7. Reviews. Do not be lazy and read the reviews on this product. If there are systematically bad reviews for this product, then it is better to look further.

8. Photo. Study the photo carefully. If the manufacturer / seller is confident in the quality of the goods, then there will be many detailed photos of the product, seams, neck.

9. Country of production. It is clear that today a large number of clothes, including T-shirts, are made in Asia. But how and in what way is all this delivered to Russia? How long did these T-shirts lie in the container at the port? As for this, what kind of chemicals before T-shirts were transported in this container. These questions will remain unanswered for us. Therefore, start looking closely at Russian brands. Often Russian small brands are sewn in small batches, so it is easier for them to control the quality of each unit of the product.

10. Availability of documents. For jerseys of the 1st layer, which include a T-shirt, the seller must have a certificate of conformity of the Unified Customs Union. This certificate shows that the T-shirt has passed the test or intermediate annual inspection. The T-shirt is tested in independent laboratories. A certificate of conformity is registered on the Russian Accreditation website. This item is for the most meticulous.

Let every thing please you!

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