You definitely haven’t played a board game like this before! Or how to go to a real forest without leaving home?


Do you know what WOLS is? It’s not a spell, but the name of an exclusive game from Robokub, which stands for «MAGIC FOREST»!

Would you like to go for a walk in a real forest while at home? Walk along picturesque paths, look at trees, shrubs, listen to birdsong, sounds of animals, insects, breathe in the air of a birch grove, a pine forest? Visit the taiga, climb mountains, lie down in a sun-drenched clearing?

So it’s time to go on a trip! The unique walker game «Wolles» will take you completely and completely into a magical forest full of secrets and wonders!

Each time, an unpredictable plot, a sea of ​​emotions and excitement are provided.

The game is interesting for both children and adults! Now you know what to do with your child! (or play with a group of friends)

Perfectly distracts from everyday problems, news, screens — you will immerse yourself in the process.

— 2-4 persons

— 30 min +-

— assembled — 45x45cm

— compact storage

— consists of 4 parts in the form of silhouettes of animals

— from 5 to 99 years

— author’s development

— cards with tasks that are laid out in random order, each time creating a unique story

— artifacts: everyone wants to get them and use them at the right time!

— simple rules, but during the game you start to think strategically!

— choose your element

— roll the dice and go!

You never know who will win!

~ made entirely of natural material (highest quality birch plywood)

~ wood engraving

~ perfect polishing

~ smells like wood

~ can be colored (we recommend coloring chips)

~ made in Russia


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