With which diaper for newborns, even an inexperienced mother will not have problems


If you are not yet the most experienced mother, then you have enough experiences in the first months of a baby’s life: “Why is he crying again?”, “Maybe he is cold?”, “What if he doesn’t get enough?”, “What if he gets sick? «. My head is spinning from daily thoughts and decisions, and I want to be sure of at least something.

For example, in diapers that will not let you down and will not add unnecessary worries, when you already have to sleep in fits and starts and devote all the time to the child. To find the best, you have to try a lot and constantly face different problems due to quality. But here’s what you can definitely avoid if you choose Merries as your first diaper.

Diaper leaks all the time

It seems that you have chosen the right size, and the diaper fits snugly, but even when the baby is sleeping peacefully, such troubles regularly happen. So that you don’t have to completely change your baby’s clothes and bedding every time with a diaper, Merries manufacturers have provided how to avoid leaks:

  • on the entire surface of the diaper there is an absorbent layer that instantly absorbs liquid 200-300 times its own weight,
  • the inner layer consists of two types of pads, so that even loose stools do not spread and are evenly distributed in the diaper,
  • around the legs and on the back there are elastic ruffles that fit snugly but softly and additionally protect against leaks.

    Even when you press the diaper, all the liquid will remain inside

    Diaper rash appears on the baby’s skin

    The skin of newborns is very thin and sensitive, and irritation can occur even after a very short contact with moisture. When the baby is in diapers, it is difficult to notice, and the mother has to constantly check.

    With Merries diapers, everything is easier, because they remove the stale air so that the baby’s skin stays dry and protected longer. This is possible thanks to the technology of 3 breathable layers:

    • 1 inner layer consists of soft air cushions that reduce the contact area with the skin and allow good air permeability,
    • 2 absorbent layer with channels absorbs liquid and conducts air further,
    • 3 The outer layer brings the vapors out, but keeps the liquid inside.

      According to the results of clinical studies in 2018, Russian dermatologists confirmed the safety of Merries diapers

      Clasps and rough edges rub against delicate skin

      Newborns are so small and fragile, so every detail is important in caring for them so as not to accidentally harm them. Merries took care of this and for the inner layer of diapers they use only soft materials, without fragrances. They will not cause allergies and will not rub, even if you have a very mobile baby.

      To make it even more secure, Merries diapers use soft, reusable Velcro. They have rounded corners so that they do not scratch the skin and do not interfere with movements.

      And these Velcro fasteners hold the diaper securely in place.

      Not sure when to change a diaper

      Experienced mothers understand that it’s time to change a diaper: according to the clock, intuition and sounds that the baby makes. If for you this is still an ideal that you are only striving for, then you need to keep everything in your head every time and regularly monitor it.

      Merries has a handy indicator for this: 3 yellow stripes on the outside of the diaper. When the diaper is full, the indicator turns blue, which means it’s time to change the diaper. This is convenient, and the child can not be disturbed once again if he has just fallen asleep.


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