Garden gloves are a very important attribute. After all, they protect not only your manicure safe and sound, but also the skin of your hands. Because when we work in the garden or in the garden, our hands are exposed to various injuries.

And so to protect the skin, it is very important to wear gloves. And our gloves will help you with this! They are super comfortable and durable. And also protect your hands and manicure.

What to choose?

Gloves with a partial nitrile coating are perfect for a garden or vegetable garden. After all, they perfectly protect against rubbing, cuts and getting wet. These gloves are very comfortable! They have a breathable fabric that allows you to work quietly for a long time. And elongated fingers provide additional comfort and safety of your manicure. Thanks to gloves, you will exclude cuts and other unpleasant things!

How to store?

Gloves are recommended to be stored at temperatures from +5 to +25°. Direct sunlight should also be avoided, as the rubber from which they are made may lose its properties, and in some cases even melt.

Gloves are the perfect gift!

Our product can be used not only for personal use, but also for a gift. This is an ideal option for mom, grandmother or girlfriend, because gloves with an incomplete nitrile coating are an indispensable helper in the garden or vegetable garden!

Order our gloves and protect your hand skin, because health is above all! Thanks to this, your hands will always be well-groomed, even if you spent the whole day in the garden!

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