There are two types of backpacks: for preschoolers and schoolchildren. KIDIBOSS backpack toys for preschoolers are distinguished by their convenience and attractiveness of the product. When creating a design, the needs and physiology of the child are taken into account. Childhood is a small life full of new events. It is very important that this period is accompanied by comfort and beautiful aesthetics. After all, it is from childhood that love, habits are laid and a taste for things is formed. The task of the parent is to lay the foundation correctly.

KIDIBOSS backpack-toys will help you achieve your goal and make your baby’s everyday life colorful and bright.

Backpacks-toys with a spacious compartment are suitable for: a small blanket — it is convenient if the child often falls asleep in the car, blouses — if the baby becomes cool during a walk, small toys and accessories. Soft, adjustable backpack straps — will create a comfortable wearing and movement for your child. A high-quality soft toy, has an optimal average size and is conveniently located in the outer pocket of a child’s backpack. If desired, the toy can be removed: play with it, fall asleep, and also wash it. The toy backpack is made of high-quality hypoallergenic and water-repellent material.

For most children, going to kindergarten is a huge stress. Habituation passes violently or less long. Even the most daring child will be confused when he finds himself in a new environment, where there is no mother, where there are many completely unfamiliar children. For a baby, a favorite bunny or teddy bear is much more than just a toy. Favorite toy smells like home and family, which means that there is a familiar warm object nearby with which it is calm. The child feels that he is not alone. Every child will be delighted with the KIDIBOSS toy backpack, and we will be glad to see your photo review!

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