What socks to choose for everyday wear?


Socks are a part of the wardrobe that accompanies us all our lives. A kid, a young man, a mature man — everyone needs them to protect their legs from mechanical abrasions, sweating, hypothermia. Therefore, it is difficult to overestimate their importance in the wardrobe.

Different types are selected for each life situation: for daily wear, for the gym, for conquering mountain peaks, in order to warm up after hypothermia. Each representative of the strong half of humanity has several pairs of hosiery that are worn under a suit, trousers, jeans quite often, almost every day.

What kind of socks are suitable for everyday life in summer?

To make the foot feel comfortable, carefully select socks for quality, composition and structure:

  1. For summer, linen or 100% cotton products are suitable.
  2. Products made from mercerized cotton also look very attractive.
  3. Silk socks are exquisite, elegant, beautiful, suitable for any occasion, but the price is not cheap.
  4. Nettle, as a raw material for the production of comfortable and cozy products for everyday life, has a healing effect and keeps heat well.
  5. Woolen socks are soft, warm, not only absorb moisture, but also immediately evaporate. This is the best option for winter.but quite expensive.

Important! Buy socks that fit you. A larger or smaller size from the required one will play a cruel joke — the pair will either slide down all the time, or twist and fidget along the leg.

What are the best socks for men?

Industrially produced hosiery for men differ not only in materials, sizes, colors, but also in length. There is a division into types:

  1. Ultra-short — invisible traces for the summer, when fashion requires wearing shoes without a sock at all. They are not visible from slip-ons, sneakers or topsiders, but do not leave the foot bare, absorbing the resulting moisture;
  2. Shortened — they are perfectly complemented by any casual clothing in the warm season;
  3. Length to the middle of the calf — universal socks worn in shoes and boots do not allow the bare foot to «jump out»;
  4. High — stockings, perfectly warm in winter and allow the leg to feel even more comfortable.


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