With music, training is more fun and more effective. It distracts from muscle fatigue, favorite compositions cheer you up, and rhythmic music can increase the speed of movement.

According to Kostas Karageorhis of Brunel University in London, music is «the safest and legal dope».

What should be the ideal headphones for sports and everyday life?

Obviously, they need to sound good, fit securely in the ear, be waterproof so that neither sweat nor unforeseen rain stops your favorite tune or an important telephone conversation. It is very good if the headphones are wireless, the wires can hinder movement, they are constantly tangled, torn. For wireless models, battery life and connection quality are critical. Also, it is very important that you stay safe on busy streets while wearing headphones.

Panasonic RZ-S300/RZ-S500 TWS (fully wireless) headphones are perfect for all these requirements, and more.

They have a balanced, detailed and very clear sound. The sound is full and there is no distortion.

Both models are in-ear and have excellent noise isolation, and the RZ-S500 also has active dual hybrid noise cancellation, so extraneous sounds will not bother you.

RZ-S300/RZ-S500 are controlled by touch buttons. For example, you can answer a call by touching any earbud once. You can also adjust the volume and switch tracks with just a touch, without having to take out your smartphone again, which is very convenient when training, running and in many other situations.

These headphones are perfectly fixed in the ear, do not fall out when running. Comes with a set of ear pads in different sizes. The devices are splash-proof, so they are not afraid of sweat and rain.

The RZ-S300/RZ-S500 adopts a unique Bluetooth antenna design that supports Bluetooth 5.0, so the connection with your smartphone is reliable. Communication is not lost and there are no music interruptions even in very crowded places.

Despite their compact size, the headphones work for a long time without recharging. RZ-S300 — 7.5 hours and 30 hours with case charging. RZ-S500- 6 hours and 19.5 hours from the case. Fast charging function in just 15 minutes allows you to get 70 minutes of listening time.

The convenient Panasonic Audio Connect app for iOS and Android allows you to customize your headphones, control basic functions and update the firmware.

It is very important that you remain safe when listening to music or talking on the street. In conventional in-ear headphones, ambient sounds are very hard to hear or not heard. This can have unpleasant or dangerous consequences. For example, you may not hear the signal of the car or the shout of a passerby who wants to return the fallen little thing to you. The Panasonic RZ-S300/RZ-S500 headphones keep you safe. Firstly, they have a mode for amplifying external sounds, which allows you to follow what is happening around you while listening to music. Secondly, the left and right headphones work independently of each other, and there are microphones in each of them, so you can talk on the phone using either earphone.

Panasonic RZ-S300/RZ-S500 are modern, comfortable and reliable TWS headphones that will make listening to music and talking on the phone more pleasant and comfortable.

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