What shirts to choose in the summer for the office?

In the summer, and especially in the heat, it is very difficult to find an image that would be comfortable to be in all day and that will match the office dress code. We decided to tell you about LaVerita shirts and what summer looks you can create with them.

Our hit and absolute favorite among shirts is a blouse with three-quarter sleeves. This model is presented in 18 different variations: from classic white to rich aquamarine, so you can easily choose the very blouse for yourself. The model is made in an oversized style, creating an air cushion, thanks to which you will feel comfortable even on the hottest day. In summer, we recommend combining this model with skirts or trouser shorts, and in the cold season, a blouse will also look advantageous with trousers or a sundress.

Another one of our favorites is the flowy short sleeve blouse. You will absolutely love this model as well, because it adds charm and femininity to any look. Even with a simple pencil skirt, this blouse looks unusual and elegant, and thanks to the special fabric, the blouse does not wrinkle and retains a dignified appearance all day long.

And the third find for your wardrobe is an airy blouse with voluminous sleeves with ties. With sleeves that reach to the elbow, the shirt is comfortable all day long and is the perfect summer option. The blouse is presented both from a dense shirt fabric and from a light shirt, so you will definitely find the right one. Also thanks to the relaxed style of this blouse, it can also be paired with jeans, shorts and skirts for casual looks.

We are sure that a good wardrobe base determines the overall impression of a person’s style, and the LaVerita team creates the very basic things that will last you for years!

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