What is included in the perfect kitchen set?


In order for cooking gastronomic masterpieces to be convenient, not take much time and please with their results, the kitchen should have a lot of various utensils, because dishes are a faithful assistant on the way to culinary success.

Each hostess forms a personal set of accessories, but sometimes some items lie unnecessarily. In order not to take up extra space on the shelves and avoid unreasonable spending, let’s assemble a basic set of dishes for the full process of preparing delicious dishes. It must include:

  1. A ladle is indispensable when serving soups, punches and compotes, it helps to accurately measure portions, pour dough when making pancakes.
  2. A chef’s spoon is a versatile and multifunctional tool. It is convenient to stir, serve a side dish and main dishes, pour sauce over them.
  3. A spatula is one of the most common and necessary items in the kitchen, used for cooking meat or fish in a pan, for turning pancakes, pancakes or cheesecakes, serving casseroles.
  4. Skimmer — will help to remove a piece of meat or vegetables from the broth without filtering, serve ready-made dumplings or deep-fried potatoes on a plate.
  5. A spoon with holes is needed to catch spices or a bunch of aromatic herbs from the broth, to get berries out of the hood, to remove foam when cooking meat.

This set will become your faithful assistant. Based on individual preferences, it can of course be supplemented with other tools. When choosing inventory, pay attention first of all to convenience and ergonomics, do not forget about design, so that the items look harmonious in the kitchen.

Quality cookware doesn’t have to be expensive. In the ONE CENT online store you can purchase Russian-made kitchen utensils at the most pleasant prices. Made of modern safe material — polyamide, they will serve you for a long time. Polyamide is a plastic polymer characterized by high heat resistance. The most modern and high-strength polyamides are glass-filled polyamides. Glass micro-balloons — one of the most common fillers in the world, gives polymers increased strength and wear resistance. Glass-filled polyamide has a low coefficient of friction, so it does not scratch surfaces.

The creative process of preparing your favorite dishes for your family requires space, so kitchen utensils should not get in the way of your hand. In addition to drawers, cabinets, coasters and cups, roof rails and hanging accessories can be the best solution. By placing kitchen utensils on hooks, you will always have free access to them, which is very convenient and stylish. The kitchen hinge has long won the hearts of housewives, besides, items can often be interchanged or replaced completely, this will help to bring a new touch to the design of the kitchen without much effort.


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