What color should a wallet be to attract money?

Today a story for those who believe in omens or just want a little more money. At the end of the ritual to raise funds. Probably, for no one will be the «discovery of the century» that, according to popular belief, the right wallet becomes a magnet for money, or vice versa.

The financial well-being of its owner largely depends on the color of your wallet. There are several basic shades that attract finance.

Red, you say, and you will be absolutely right! Red is the color of success, increasing material wealth and self-confidence. But … many do not know that a black wallet is considered the most important color for attracting finance.

Black is a symbol of wisdom, restraint and rationalism. If you want to be realized as a professional, get a promotion and increase in wealth, choose a black wallet.

There are also ways to determine your wallet color:

1. By date of birth

2. According to the sign of the zodiac

3. According to Feng Shui, based on the last digits of the year of your birth

P.s. Who are interested in these methods, unsubscribe in the comments, I will write a separate article on this topic.

Feng Shui experts recommend changing your leather wallet every year. Only attention, if during this time a sufficiently large amount of funds was stored in it, do not rush to get rid of it. There is also the most favorable time for buying — the growing moon, just now this time is until June 12th. And now the promised rite of passage to attract money! On the growing moon at night, we put a glass of water on the windowsill, and next to it we put a wallet with cash neatly laid out in it, in the morning, as soon as we wake up, we come up and drink the whole glass. It may not work out with money right away, but the digestive system will definitely thank you.

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