TOP ideas how to make a budget gift and surprise the recipient?


How often do we use keychains? Every day! And if you think about it, most of them were given to us!

The main function of the keychain is to decorate a bunch of keys, you get used to this little thing very quickly and eventually you stop paying attention, it seems to merge with the keys. The existence of key rings, as such, is remembered when, quite unexpectedly, a new bunch of keys appears or it becomes necessary to present something to a familiar man or colleague.

Keychains are made from various materials. The most common raw material for their manufacture is metal. Wood and plastic are also used. The range of key chains is much larger both in material and in appearance. It can be both a zodiac sign and a favorite animal. Choose the one you like the most.

If we move on to keychain ideas, we can divide them into several categories:

1. Car enthusiasts — you can give a car or a motorcycle with a symbol or similar to the owner’s car. By the way, this is true for girls too!

A new trend of key rings — bright colors in rhinestones! You can find a cute pink car in rhinestones for your girlfriend and then the WOW effect is guaranteed!

2. For princesses and Cinderellas

Carriage key chains with different types of straps have been very popular lately: simple, voluminous, flat.

The carriages can be of different colors and decorated in a very special way, so that every lady can feel like a princess!

3. Simple with fluffy ponytails

These key chains are more «universal», as they take up less space in your purse and are easier to carry around.

Here you can also find a huge variety: from different colors to different combinations of fluffy ponytails with flowers.

Wrapping keyrings as a gift is pretty easy — all you need is a small box and gift wrap with a ribbon!

Come up with unusual solutions in gifts and then the holiday will bring even more pleasure!


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