“To the feast and to the world”: how to create elegant and sporty looks with the same suit?

This summer, many people fell in love with palazzo trousers, and this is not surprising. They look elegant and free at the same time, and you can wear them without exaggeration in any incomprehensible situation.

In this article, we figure out how to create a sporty and festive look with the same trendy Silarfri suit. Go!

Let’s say you’re going for a walk in the park, you want to go to a cafe with a friend, or you just like relaxed sport chic. In this case, complement the ultramarine set with minimalist sneakers, put on a watch and glasses. A small backpack or belt bag is perfect for the image. Voila! You look elegant, but at the same time sporty and relaxed.

And now, to the same suit, add a feminine handbag, silver sandals and don’t forget to complete the look with accessories. You are ready, if not for the red carpet, then quite for a date, a trip to visit or a fashion exhibition.

And which image seemed more successful to you: sporty or elegant? We’d love to hear from you!

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