The perfect gift. What is he?


You can spend a lot of time in stores, «breaking your head», and choose one hundred as a gift. Speaking of the perfect gift, let’s think about what «perfect» means?

The fact is that in the understanding of most people, a gift is necessarily associated with a thing. But it’s better to think of a gift as a way to communicate, about what you want to express with this gift.

Of course, the value of a gift does not depend on its monetary value. The main thing is care and love. With your gift, you can say «I love you» or «take care of yourself.» The memory of such a gift will be much longer than even from the most expensive, but «soulless» thing.

When choosing a gift, ask yourself the following questions: «What do I want to say to this person?», «What can I give him to express this?».

Understanding that a gift carries a certain thought helps us make a decision faster, gives us confidence that the chosen gift will suit this person.

Of course, if you don’t have any special message to convey with the gift, then go back to the usual pattern: a gift is a memento. This is also a great option, the main thing is to choose it with attention to the tastes of a person and give it with a positive message!


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