Classic trousers — that’s what will never go out of style! There will always be a dress code or student uniform, which means that there will always be women’s trousers! In addition, many girls prefer a strict style even in an informal and festive setting, because classic looks always look very elegant and sexy. And if you correctly choose accessories for such an image, then you can easily go even on the red carpet!

As for the universal model of women’s trousers, these are high-waisted trousers! These pants are perfect for everyone. High-waisted trousers for women were popular in the 70s of the last century, after which they were undeservedly forgotten. But for several years now, high-waisted trousers have been popular again, it seems that they will be in trend for a very long time, because all famous fashion houses constantly create images with them.

But ILTANI high-waisted cropped trousers will definitely become the most favorite part of your wardrobe! A feature of the shortened model of trousers is an open ankle. Unlike culottes, this style will not make the girl visually shorter, so everyone can safely wear them. Classic trousers with a high waist always attract attention, but at the same time they will be appropriate in the office, at school, for a walk, for a business meeting and for a party with friends. Their advantage is the ability to combine with other wardrobe items.

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