Panama is a trendy headdress that suits absolutely everyone, regardless of gender, age and physique.
Not only does it provide excellent protection from the sun, but it also keeps you warm on cold days, and thanks to its versatility, it is easy to pair with everyday bows. The stylish accessory has already conquered many hearts, more and more often at world shows it serves as a cherry on the cake, complementing the images.

The variety of panama hats is amazing: from bright as in Karl Lagerfeld and printed Fendi, to plain classic Dior. Everyone will find to their liking.

How to choose the right one and what to combine with? Let’s find out!

Warm woolen, leather and felt hats go well with plush coats, down jackets, trench coats, leather jackets and raincoats. Rough-soled boots, Cossacks, trumpet boots and sneakers are perfect for them.
Cotton and straw (from toquilla) will easily complement both a sporty look and a classic one. They can be combined with hoodies and joggers, oversized T-shirts and cycling shorts, jeans and shirts/tops, as well as dresses. Sneakers, shoes, sandals and even slippers will serve as an excellent complement to the image.

When composing a monochrome look, choose a panama hat that matches the color and material of your outer and (or) costume and dress clothes. Refresh the image and make it more interesting by using different shades of colors.
The universal option will be black, white and beige hats.

Panama is a comfortable and stylish accessory thanks to which you will always be in the spotlight!

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