School season 2022/23: what shoes to choose for a child


The new school season is coming soon. It’s time to get everything you need. Let’s talk in the article about the parameters for choosing shoes for school.

TOP MATERIAL The first thing we pay attention to is the materials. We recommend genuine leather — it’s a win-win option for children’s feet. Material in which the foot is comfortable at different temperatures. The leather adapts perfectly to the shape of the foot, providing comfort.

ORTHOPEDIC ELEMENTS Thomas heel, soft instep support, hard heel — will serve as an excellent prevention of flat feet. If you have foot problems, you need to consult a specialist.

LINING The shoe lining should be made of natural leather or a special breathable material so that the child’s foot is comfortable.

SOLE The material of the sole should be moderately flexible and durable, and also as light as possible.

STYLE Choose the style of shoes depending on the requirements of the school for school uniforms.

The assortment of the IRIDIS brand includes ballet shoes, shoes with massive soles, sneakers and sneakers. There are also classic shoes with lightweight soles, shoes with Thomas heels and sports soles, sneakers and sneakers for boys.

Choose from hundreds of trendy school models in the IRIDIS catalog!


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