Puzzling over how to find your individual style? Do you dream of looking stylish and expensive?

The ARTESSA Plus Size store team decided to help sort out these issues. And you, even with a limited budget, can pick up a great thing for yourself.

Basic rules for choosing a wardrobe

— Correct fabrics
— Unity of colors
— Suitable size and balanced proportions

ARTESSA Plus size will teach you how to combine and combine, because clothing style is one of the main elements of a person’s image, it is a set of fashionable techniques that form an individual image! It is designed to reflect the character of everyone! And so, to create an original image, you need to choose the right non-trivial combinations that are in harmony with your image and life philosophy … Let’s highlight the main styles, the reflection of which you can easily find in our collections for girls / women of large sizes:

Classic style (official). Strict things are invariable attributes: skirts, trousers, dresses. A timeless look that can and should be diluted with various accessories to emphasize your individuality.

Casual style (everyday). This is the name of the free style of clothing, which is relevant for different occasions in life. Create unique combinations with flowy dresses, blazers, blouses, jackets, trousers and shirts, pullovers, capes and more. Accessories can also help complete the look.

Sports casual (loose). The advantages of this style is complete freedom of movement: trousers with a free silhouette, t-shirts and tops, bombers and windbreakers, jumpers and hoodies, trench coats, sets.

Smart casual (elegant everyday). The main difference between the style is that the components of the costume must be made in the same color scheme and preferably from the same fabric. Such an image should be supplemented with a scarf or scarf, a playful hat, a strap or a handbag to match. So you will always look very feminine and fresh.

Vanguard. Creative or casual people who want to stand out from the crowd, this style is definitely for you. This style implies a large number of bright colors and unusual prints, a variety of combinations. Therefore, the images of this style are suitable for corporate events, concerts and holidays.

Women’s clothing in large sizes in Russia for many years belonged to the category of inaccessible luxury, but not for ARTESSA Plus Size, always relevant styles and colors are waiting for you in our brand. With us, everyone will find what they are looking for! Our dear, beautiful ladies, remember the main thing is that fashion comes and goes, but the original style will remain forever. Choose for yourself and your soul the golden mean, which will please your eye and will be appreciated by the people around you!

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