Perfect sliders — happy baby!

Pants with closed legs are the most comfortable clothes for babies from the first days of life. In them they feel warmth and comfort, freedom of movement. The main conditions that determine the choice of sliders for newborns are ease of use and safety.


There are two types of sliders in the store:

sliders with elastic;
rompers with shoulder straps, fastened at the shoulders with a button.
Pros and cons of sliders with an elastic band:

+ the ability to quickly change diapers,

+ calm pastel colors, pleasing to the eye of parents and baby,

+ safe cotton fabric suitable for the sensitive skin of young children,

+ indispensable when walking or visiting,

— with active movement, there is a risk of losing the sliders.

Pros and cons of sliders on the straps:


+ reliable fasteners that can withstand the physical activity of the most restless baby;

+ soft seams that create comfort for the baby’s skin;

+ natural fabric, breathable, absorbent and pleasant to the touch;

+ cheerful colors of diapers;

— When changing diapers, you will have to spend a little more time.


How many sliders do you need for a baby? The answer depends on diapers. If you do not plan to use them, then the wardrobe for the day should consist of about fifteen sliders. Given that they will be «marked» by the baby and sent to the wash, the total stock is about thirty pieces, while one batch dries, the other is used for its intended purpose.

Caring for sliders

Most of the time the baby spends in a dream and even during wakefulness is in a similar lying position. Any protruding piece of clothing under the child’s own weight can cause damage to the skin. In order to avoid problems, it is enough to know simple rules, and this important element of a newborn’s wardrobe will serve faithfully.

Products made of 100% cotton can be washed at temperatures above 40 degrees, which is an important factor for maintaining the safety of use. Detergents must be special, intended for children.

When washing the sliders, you can use rinse aid, which will allow the material to retain its softness.

Not always the powder is able to cope with some stains. In this case, the old proven grandmother’s method, suitable for any children’s things, will help. A freshly planted spot must be rubbed with laundry soap, and the sliders should be packed in a plastic bag. After a day, load it into the washing machine, there should be no trace of stains.

The choice is yours

Buying clothes for a baby is an exciting, but at the same time very responsible process. Rompers belong to a category of clothing for children, which always remains at the peak of relevance. Comfortable, soft clothes will not only warm the child, but also allow him to actively play during the day and sleep peacefully at night, and this is very important for the development and health of your baby.

Choose our sliders and get your little one’s radiant smile in return!

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