Each child is individual, someone loves complete order in everything, someone is not so pedantic, he is always in a hurry somewhere, he is not interested in all sorts of little things, the main thing is to act. So, there are many different pencil cases: with one compartment or with several sections, with compartments for each pencil or pen, roomy and more compact, etc.

Look at your child, what is he like? He always puts all his things in their places, does everything slowly, he always has order in everything — for such a child, you can pick up a pencil case with individual compartments for each pencil or pen, eraser, scissors, etc., the child will be pleased to arrange all the stationery accessories in their places, there will always be order. The child is happy — the mother is happy!

If your child is a fidget, then most likely he will not devote time to the monotonous laying out of pens and pencils in individual places, especially after the end of a lesson or class, but will simply throw everything into a pencil case. Here, perhaps, you will already be upset that the child does not have order in such a wonderful pencil case. For such a child, it is better to choose a roomy pencil case with one common compartment, preferably transparent or translucent, so you can always see the objects inside the pencil case.

It will be convenient for the child to look for an eraser, a sharpener, etc., he will not be nervous that he does not have time to find something when the teacher asks to do it.

It is worth remembering that if a child attends, in addition to school or kindergarten, some additional classes that also require the presence of stationery, then it is possible to purchase 2 separate pencil cases. Each teacher has his own requirements, often they do not like the presence of extra items of office that distract from the lesson. Having 2 separate pencil cases, you will avoid the constant shifting of the office and the chance of not reporting something to the child.

For teenage girls, a capacious pencil case with one common compartment can serve as a great cosmetic bag!

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