How to surprise a child for the new year?


New Year’s time is approaching, and many parents begin to think about what to give their child this time, how to please and even surprise them?

In order not to puzzle over what to choose in this abundance of toys and other knick-knacks, consider an interesting, original and at the same time useful gift — the Starter Blogger Set. This gift is perfect for both very young bloggers and older children. The gift is also useful in that it can be used for online learning, incl. for classes at school on distance learning. The child will receive a very comfortable work and study place, in comparison with a regular webcam or phone.

The Starter Blogger Kit includes:

— a ring lamp on a table tripod with a phone holder, which provides uniform illumination around the camera lens and does not blind the young blogger. Often this ring lamp is used when applying makeup, since the light from it falls extremely evenly;

— tripod selfie stick. A very handy and versatile camera. It can be used for filming in motion or static shooting, for example, when interviewing children with parents or friends, as well as for lessons in distance learning. The tripod is equipped with a remote control using a bluetooth remote control, which allows you to take a photo or record a video immediately at the desired distance, and not quickly run away from the camera.

— adapter for lavalier microphone and headphones. This is the golden grail for all bloggers and interviewers! Why? Because when you connect a microphone and headphones without an adapter, they simply do not work, as they are connected to the same jack. Everything is simple.

— lapel microphone. A fairly good recording of sound tracks thanks to the noise filter. The lavalier microphone is the most convenient and common way to record voice without extraneous noise.

— a set of lenses with a clothespin for the phone. A simple and effective solution for replacing large camcorders or complex lenses. You can simply attach the desired lens to your phone with a clothespin and get a completely different viewing angle or exposure of the frame. Everything ingenious is simple!

— instructions for use. Where without her?! The instruction is designed in such a way that your child could figure it out on his own, and you could only be glad for his success and the right choice of gift.

A beginner blogger set is perfect as a New Year’s gift or as a birthday present.

Please your family, be happy and smile more often, because somewhere a little blogger is filming you!)


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