How to save money on laundry. 5 useful tricks

The economic crisis, the coronavirus pandemic, work interruptions — all this makes a modern person learn to save money. Methods for this are used in a variety of ways, and one of them is washing.

This is quite obvious, given that people do not lack clothes, but washing powder is not cheap, and the washing machine consumes a lot of electricity, which also has to be paid for.

But if you think about it, this item of expenditure can be significantly reduced. Here are some tips to help with this.

5 useful tricks to save on laundry:

1. Load your machine optimally

If the drum of the washing machine is 80% full, the clothes will be washed as well as in the drum loaded one third. And if so, it is worth keeping track of the number of downloaded things.

Naturally, if you fill the drum completely, things will not be washed off. But every time you fill the space by 75-80%, you save on the number of washes, which means your machine will last longer. Moreover, the energy consumption during washing does not depend on the amount of laundry loaded, which means that the less you wash, the less you pay for electricity!

2. Do laundry at night

Many modern homes have electricity meters that change rates depending on the time of day. If you have such a novelty, it is a sin not to use it. Just load the wash from the evening, and set a delay in the start of the process. Let your clothes be washed at night when the electricity bill is at its lowest. All you have to do is hang your clothes out to dry in the morning.

3. Lower the washing temperature

For washing most things, it is enough that the water temperature does not exceed 30-40ºC. Yes, and washing powders (and especially washing gels) do a good job with stains at such temperatures.

But just as important, the lower the temperature of the water in the washing machine, the lower the energy consumption, and therefore the lower the electricity bill.

This advice does not mean at all that all things can be washed at this temperature. For example, things for babies, as well as towels, should be washed at a temperature of 60-90ºC. Hot water kills pathogenic microbes, which means that it is better not to save money on washing such things.

4. Save on powder

If you put more powder in the hopper than you should, things will not wash better. This is time tested. On the contrary, excess powder often remains on clothes in the form of ugly stains.

If you first wash the stains visible on the clothes, you can fill in only half the powder from the required rate. Rest assured, things will be washed in the same way. What’s more, by removing stains from your clothes before washing, you can shorten the running time of your washing machine. And this is another way to save money.

5. Buy the right laundry detergent or gel

Many people believe that by purchasing a universal powder suitable for any thing, they save money. Actually it is not. Universal powders have increased chemical activity, due to which they quickly destroy fabric fibers and make things unusable. With this wash, you will spend more on buying new things!

Make it a rule to always have several products on hand that match the color and characteristics of the fabrics. In the long run, this is a significant savings. Learn to save.

Don’t let your money slip through your fingers!

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