Coffee and a healthy lifestyle are perfectly compatible if you have no contraindications to this drink and you drink a reasonable amount of coffee, not exceeding 300 mg of caffeine per day and 150 mg of caffeine at a time. 300 mg of caffeine is about three cups of Americano; The amount of caffeine in a drink may vary depending on the preparation method. To determine your individual rate of coffee consumption per day, you can use special online calculators.

If you have no contraindications, one cup of coffee will definitely not hurt. We tell you how to make it the most fragrant.


This method of making coffee was named after the English words pour over — “pouring from above”. Hot water passes through ground coffee, which is in a special funnel (porcelain or plastic) with a paper filter. This is vaguely similar to how home filter coffee makers work, only the whole mechanism is open, and much more of your participation is required. This is a slow meditative act in which every detail is important, which is why the preparation of coffee in a pour over is called a “coffee ceremony”.

Ground coffee is poured into the paper filter; the filter is placed in a porcelain funnel inserted into a vessel for brewed coffee, and, moving in a spiral, ground coffee is poured for about two minutes with a thin stream of hot water (the optimum temperature is 92-96 degrees).

Geyser coffee maker

This coffee maker is the grandmother of all espresso machines: it works on the same principle, coffee extraction under pressure. The drink itself also turns out to be similar to espresso, just as strong and aromatic.

In a geyser coffee maker, you can cook coffee on gas, on an electric stove, and on an open fire, as the heroine of our upcoming material about water trips does.

French press

In the store you can find it under the name «teapot», and indeed, the French press is also suitable for brewing tea: the tea leaves are filtered out, and the tea leaves under the influence of the press give off all the taste.

If you’re using a French press for coffee, you want a coarse grind (fine ones just won’t let you down the press). The drink will turn out relatively weak, but fragrant.


Turkish coffee is the strongest and most authentic of all.

When choosing a Turk, it is important to consider the shape of the bottom and the width of the neck. It is better to choose a cezve with a wide thick bottom so that the coffee is heated evenly. But the neck is better narrow: a “plug” of foam forms in it, which delays the release of essential oils, and the coffee turns out to be especially tasty and aromatic.

Important: a serving of coffee in a Turk is always the same. Water is poured into the Turk until the neck narrows, no more and no less.

A Turk can be a great gift for a coffee connoisseur. In our selection there is a cute enamel bowl with dandelions, and an amazing model with a layer of sand in a double bottom — very convenient, even on gas you can brew coffee like on sand.

How do you prepare coffee? Share with us!

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