Really easy. Try giving them a smartphone for unlimited time. The truth is that all children willingly do what they are interested in. Unfortunately, reality on the screen of smartphones and monitors often outperforms real reality. Therefore, today’s games and toys should be no less bright and exciting than their virtual counterparts. Otherwise, it will not work to get real and useful skills and abilities. Fortunately, the choice of toys is huge and you can pick up what will suit your child. Let’s suggest some ideas.

Outdoor games

It is not always possible to take a walk with the child or take him to the sports section. Sometimes activity has to be organized literally within four walls. And without it, there’s no way — a mobile child will not let you do business, and for an unsportsmanlike, light, but regular exercise is practically a cure.

The solution to the problem, at least for the boys, has been found. Now you can play football at home without fear that you will break windows, a sideboard or dishes — a special disk was made for this.

There is a simpler option, when the disk simply slides on the floor, looks like half a soccer ball. And there is an advanced option — on an air cushion. Playing with such a disk is called air football. Runs on batteries, so it’s also backlit. Both options are perfect for taking the child at home, and for playing in the company.

There is also a team version of air football — a small, 12 cm in diameter hovercraft disc and miniature goals. You can play not only on the floor, but also on the table.

Intellectual and educational games

In such games, children work out simple, but very important and necessary skills and abilities, learn to communicate and focus on the task. Such toys can also have different specializations.


Good coordination, an eye and a developed spatial imagination have not prevented anyone yet. In adult life, they help us drive a car, engage in trendy sports and fitness. And for some, they will become the basis of their future profession. But you need to start developing coordination in childhood. To make this more fun, try inviting your child to play the Right on Target set. This is a fabric screen with slots. For throwing — soft bags of different colors with plastic granules. Everything is very simple, but even adults are addicted.

Development of creative thinking and building the plot of the game

Educational mat «Construction in the city» is made of soft felt, on which is drawn a mini-model of a small quarter with construction sites, roads, shops, parks. Also included are three machines (concrete mixer, excavator and dump truck). In principle, you can add any toys to the game — figures, cars or even airplanes. For children from modern cities, the plot will be clear, and they will be able to think out interesting details on their own.

Memory and fine motor skills

A good toy for kids that develops memory and fine motor skills, and also teaches them to play and communicate — «Ladybug». The set includes a wooden platform and chips: on the one hand they are black, and on the other — in different colors. The chips are laid out with the colored side up, and the child looks at how they are arranged. Then the chips are turned upside down with the black side, and the child needs to indicate the chip of the color that fell on the die.

Another exciting game is «Catch the worm». The worms hide in an apple-shaped box with 10 holes. You need to catch them with a magnetic fishing rod for metal «heads». It requires patience, dexterity and perseverance. In addition, the finger grip is being trained — without it, the child cannot succeed in catching worms.


A set for team games and relay races cannot be attributed to any one category. Everything is involved here — you need good physical shape, coordination, dexterity, speech, and imagination. But, most importantly, this is a great opportunity to organize a small group of children. The set is suitable even for physical education lessons or for school or city holidays.

The relay set includes 4 jumping bags, 4 spoons, cups and stuffing bags, 4 plastic eggs.

What can be done with such a set? Yes, whatever. You can, for example, throw a bag into a cup, or pass an egg with a spoon, having previously jumped with it in a bag. Here you can give free rein to your imagination. Well, or use the instructions with a set of games.

The function that games and toys perform cannot be overestimated. And you can always choose the child that he likes and will be suitable for age.

So, in order to gain knowledge about the world, kids must definitely touch and see everything with their own eyes, interact with the objective world, and not with the picture on the screen. It is important for older children to learn to play together, to see and feel the emotions of other children and to respond to them correctly, to distribute roles.

We hope that the toys that we have proposed will not only help solve these problems, but also help you keep in touch and maintain mutual understanding with your children, even if you do not understand anything about modern gadgets.

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