How to look fashionable and modern? Choose Oversize!

The daughter took the blouse from her mother, said — so fashionable! This is how women of fashion express themselves, a complete denial of the canons. Time has shown that an oversized women’s shirt is a universal component of a modern women’s wardrobe.

A loose-fitting blouse is a trendy style for the summer.

The OVERSIZE shirt is breaking popularity records in 2021-2022 fashion, and in the current season 2022-2023, the choice of fashion houses has deliberately fallen on the oversized style.

This is a way to draw attention to yourself, combine a voluminous shirt with a more elegant bottom.

An oversized blouse is sewn using a special technology — a dropped shoulder, deliberately long sleeves, wide cuffs, a stand-up collar with a lapel.

Due to the volume, the oversized shirt visually makes the female figure more slender.

Women’s summer shirt with long sleeves does not restrict movement, it attracts with smooth silhouette lines, classic style, versatility and comfort.

An oversized women’s blouse is worn in such stylistic directions as:

— casual — daily wear with an emphasis on convenience and practicality;

— business — for office or school;

— multi-layered;

— for pregnant.

How to beat an oversized shirt, what to wear with?

A tight-fitting bottom (mini-skirt) or semi-adjacent (breeches) is suitable for an oversized shirt. The voluminous top is freely combined with different types of trousers, shorts, skirts:

— leather (different colors);

— velveteen (small and large scar);

— military style;

— trendy pajama style.

The trendy shirt is becoming more and more popular and can be adapted to the fashionista’s wardrobe as an evening layer. You can wear the first layer, combining colors — a T-shirt, top or bra, and down any item from your wardrobe. Layering gives charm to a woman.

Long shirt can be easily combined with:

— leggings;

— shorts;

— breeches;

— jeans;

— trousers;

— business suit;

— capri;

— a skirt;

— swimsuit.

Women’s Oversize shirt from the Dolce Gusto brand is an idea for work, school, leisure and everyday activities. Pastel tone gives efficiency, 100% cotton. Made in Russia.

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