How to keep your money beautifully, or the perfect wallet for perfect women

For each of us girls, one of the most important accessories is a wallet. We want it to hold paper money and a lot of credit cards, but still be compact. It was stylish and at the same time suited the design of any handbag. It was of high quality but reasonable price.

And then the question arises: “Is there really such an ideal wallet that will satisfy all our expectations?”. There is — and this is the Katrin Urova Purse! And to prove it, we will tell you in more detail about all its advantages.

The women’s wallet is made of high-quality natural leather of our own production, which not only gives the accessory an expensive and solid look, but is also a wear-resistant, environmentally friendly and durable material.

Spacious purse with 2 compartments for banknotes, 5 compartments for credit and bank cards and one zippered pocket for coins has a compact size that is perfect for both a large shopper and a small clutch, and the shape of the longer will allow you to place paper money entirely without bending and not crushing them in the middle.

A stylish wallet in universal colors (black, brown, wine and cherry) will perfectly match the design of any women’s bag, and the branded box in which the purse is packed makes it a great ready-made gift for any occasion.

And how much does such a chic accessory cost? Come to our Katrin Urova store and let the price surprise you!

It is important to remember that genuine leather requires special care.

1) Leather products can only be washed by hand, at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees, without wringing and using only special liquid detergents.

2) To eliminate bruises and creases, it is enough to steam the skin at a distance of 20 cm.

3) Dry things made of genuine leather away from hot batteries and other heating devices.

4) In order for the leather to retain its original appearance for as long as possible, it is regularly worth treating it with special care products for genuine leather products.

With care for you, Katrin Urova brand!

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