How to get rid of «visual noise» in the kitchen


Every day you put things in order in the kitchen, hide everything in cabinets and shelves, but the space is always filled with unnecessary items? Do you constantly struggle with it, but it comes up again and again? Trying to organize your home space so that there is no visual noise?

“Visual noise” is the accumulation of objects, small details that do not look harmonious and create a mess.

Do you buy different types of tea, store them in paper bags that are constantly torn, take up a lot of space and do not fit in cupboards and shelves?

There are great organizers for storing tea bags. Tea coasters for tea bags in the form of houses you can place in a conspicuous place in the kitchen — on the table or near the kettle. This will add warmth and comfort to your kitchen. Houses are designed for connoisseurs of order in the kitchen. In addition to order, such cozy houses create the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen.

This is a great gift for those who pay special attention to details.

Gift houses are decorated with flowers, the types and shapes of which you can choose for every taste.

If you want to please yourself or your loved ones, then this is the perfect gift for any occasion.


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