How to dress at home? Ideas for home stylish bows


Surely you have come across a situation where friends or neighbors unexpectedly call at the door. And you understand — to open the door, you need to urgently change clothes!

For many, old pants and stretched T-shirts have become a regular part of the home wardrobe, although home clothes can be not only high-quality and comfortable, but also stylish for a long time.

A neat and cute home look will cheer you up and cause admiring glances in your direction. By choosing the Sleepy Store set, you will not only buy beautiful high-quality pajamas that fit and look great on the body, but also a chic bow in which it is a pleasure to take bright selfies!

We have over 20 designs in our collection. You are sure to choose pajamas according to your mood!

Are you sweet and romantic? Then choose pajamas with Pappy the fox, unicorns, pandas and flamingos.

Bright and bold — is this your image? You will suit pajamas «Police», with the logo of Playboy or Pornhub.
Cheerful girls will love sets with a Vinosaurus, an angry cat from a meme or bulldogs.

Do you love fitness and PP? Then you need avocado pajamas, you can’t go wrong!
Love movies, comics and superhero theme? Pajamas «Marvel» and «Batman» — for you!
And for lovers of the classics, we have elegant pajamas with cranes and swallows, which can be matched with a bathrobe and a sleep mask.

Our pajamas fit perfectly on any figure thanks to adjustable shoulder straps and a fairly loose fit. The sets are made of high-quality artificial Korean silk, which does not lose its color brightness even after many washes.
Pajamas look incredibly stylish, they will delight you in a cozy homely atmosphere while watching a movie with your loved ones.

What house clothes do you choose?


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