How to dress a child stylishly, profitably, not hot in summer

Hot summer days are great for walking with children, joint trips to the sea, to the pool, to the river — to any water! But you should not forget about protection from the dangerous effects of sunlight. To prevent a child from getting a sunburn or heat stroke, he needs light summer clothes.

Today we want to look at the top 5 pluses of buying children’s basic shorts and a muslin shirt:

1. Muslin clothes are all-weather. They are designed for the summer, but are also worn in the winter. Not hot in summer, not cold in winter! Such a purchase can be considered an investment) Therefore, in winter we wear shorts to kindergarten, and a shirt to school, in spring and autumn, on warm days, the shirt becomes the second layer, and in the hot summer — as an everyday and indispensable thing not only in the city, but also on the beach .

2. Get dressed quickly and take a long walk — the key to every summer! After washing, the muslin becomes even more wrinkled, and only more beautiful from this, so you can refuse to iron, and do not waste time before the garden or on vacation near the ironing board. The soft knitted elastic on the shorts allows the child to dress himself, and this is important not only at home, but in kindergarten. No matter how active a child is: jumping and climbing hills, building sand castles on the sea, his back should always be securely covered from the sun, and clothes should not hinder movement.

3. Usually mothers hesitate to buy children’s shirts because of the difficulties with buttons, but, firstly, it is useful for children’s fine motor skills, and secondly, you can wear a shirt over your head, but coconut buttons will give things a more complete look. And if desired, the shirt can be unbuttoned and used as a second layer in clothes for a stylish look with a T-shirt and jeans on a cool morning or evening — which you can’t do in a tunic without a fastener.

4. Durability: despite the fact that muslin is very thin and similar to gauze, it is wear-resistant and will easily endure hundreds of washes without losing its appearance. Just wash it by arranging clothes by color, do not use abrasives, bleach, do not leave it to dry in direct sunlight for a long time and it will be in its original video for a very long time!

5. Versatile, basic and concise style without unnecessary details designed to suit both boys and girls.

Muslin — salvation from heat and sun, you can even swim in shirts so that your shoulders do not burn in the water. Muslin dries quickly — right on the child, saving him from heat stroke!


Here we also approached wisely — the patterns were built so that the child could wear these things for a year and a season! Increases in the length and width of the shirt and shorts will serve for a long time, for example, at first, the cuffs on the sleeves can be turned up, and as the child grows, they can already be turned away, so both the shorts and the shirt can be worn for more than a year, but with it will look stylish.

The photo shows shorts of the same size (92-104) on children of different heights: 84cm and 104cm

Buying one pair of shorts or a shirt, you will provide a key element of the basic children’s wardrobe for several seasons! — after all, you can combine them with ordinary T-shirts, jeans from your arsenal. And if you choose several colors of shorts or shirts, then you can change combinations with each other: green + green, green + red, red + white, white + green.

Both shorts and a shirt will come in handy not only on the sea beach, but also in the city, in kindergarten, for a photo shoot — this is an indispensable part of a children’s capsule for the summer!

And yet, we want to save our world together with you, and in addition to the completely natural composition of the fabric, we have thought out environmentally friendly packaging that will not only do no harm, but will not be thrown away immediately after unpacking the goods.

In our store of the Russian brand Pizhamkino, we offer smart basic clothes that can be combined with each other and matched with almost any child’s wardrobe every time! The size range is presented for children from 1.5 to 10 years. Enjoy your shopping and see you on the page of our brand on Wildberries!

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